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Be Careful Who You Follow - Discerning a True Apostle & Minister from the False & Misguided Be Careful Who You Follow - Discerning a True Apostle & Minister from the False & Misguided

   Discussion: Be Careful Who You Follow - Discerning a True Apostle & Minister from the False & Misguided
Apostle & Evangelist Mischa Safdie · 2 years, 11 months ago


There is so much false teaching and so many misrepresentations of true  ministry in the Body of Christ today that I must write this. 

I can tell you, in order to walk in Apostolic ministry, you must die to yourself and sacrifice every area of your life to Christ. You will cry a million tears to get there and a million more afterwards.  You will be battled by Satan physically, spiritually and often emotionally or mentally but you will prevail through God's mercy and grace so you can complete the tasks He has sent you here for. You will suffer persecution..most often from your "religious" but non-spiritual peers and you will face rejection, mainly for the Message you bring...and you MUST  bring the correct and non-self-serving MESSAGE OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST or you are not bringing the true Gospel Message. 

True Apostolic or other ministry giftings are not humanly glorified positions and those who make it so neither understand these ministries nor do they walk in them. It would be impossible. 

You cannot be materialistic, are not there to he served, but must become a servant yourself and tied to nothing but Jesus. 

It was Jesus, called the Chief Apostle who washed the dirty, dusty feet of his disciples. It was the Apostle Paul who was beaten and persecuted by the religious for the Word he spoke, who had to defend his apostleship throughout his ministry and who called  himself "a bond servant of the Lord" and "prisoner of Jesus Christ"..shackled in life, career, ministry and will to Jesus like a slave to the oars of a master's ship. He did not own himself but was owned through absolute surrender to Christ. 

The Apostle Paul never accepted glory or accolades from others.  He, like Jesus, was never a very wealthy man but they were both content in their circumstances and dependent on God the Father for their provisions. They were content to live with little or much, if they even had it, but were never tied or bonded to materialism like so many false and misled ministers are today.  And if any minister is blessed financially he or she can never allow finances to control them or dictate how they minister to others. A true minister of God can never be obsessed with getting rich through the Gospel or using it as a means of "sordid gain", as the bible says. 

Jesus and His Apostles lived for each day, often not knowing where the next meal would come from or where they would sleep, but also knowing the Father would provide the next meal and the place to lay their heads. They did not wear the finest clothes nor were they well manicured. Both, and most others like them would be loathed for their human appearances and rejected for the Message they spoke in ninety per cent or more of churches today.

Both Jesus and Paul walked and lived humbly by faith. Neither "used" people but instead they "loved" others...and it was real; not to put on a show in front of others to promote themselves or their ministries. 

Folks, listen to me. What I have just described is most often the life and is always the heart of a true Apostle and true minister of the Gospel. Those who walk differently cannot be true Apostles and ministers of the Lord.

May God bless you.

Apostle & Evangelist Mischa S. Safdie' - 2019

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