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Why You Feel So Burned Out and Tired Why You Feel So Burned Out and Tired

   Discussion: Why You Feel So Burned Out and Tired
Apostle & Evangelist Mischa Safdie · 1 year, 8 months ago


I am observing Christians in general, people in ministry, especially pastors, running here and busy attending events, etc....all in the name of church and ministry.  Then suddenly I see so many of these same people taken ill quite suddenly.  The root of the problem is quite often health issues due to exhaustion. Doctors and pills are not always the best answer...nor is having to seek Godly healing because of spiritual foolishness in the physical abuse of your bodies and minds.  

Folks, we are not supermen. If you get so busy in the mechanics of "doing ministry" without taking the time to just relax, read the Word, perhaps a good book, pray, go out and fish, wait on the Lord, do something you enjoy; rest and give yourself permission to do nothing every now and then.. and spend quality time with your family or those whom you love,....if you do not take a break and do these things, you WILL eventually burn out. It is just a matter of time. It is not a sin to pace yourself, learn how to relax and rest occasionally.

The Bible says that "those who wait (meditate) on the Lord, their strength shall be RENEWED." Do YOU need some renewal and rejuvenation? 

What is the key to keeping your walk with God fresh, your body and mind strong and healthy? It is just taking that time out to relax, rest and meditate on the Lord and His goodness as you give yourself a little permission to also take some free days off here and there to just enjoy life, family and friends. That is not is wise.

Remember, a healthy and refreshed Christian can accomplish so much more in God's Kingdom than a burned out and ill one can! :-)  Blessings!

Apostle & Evangelist Mischa Safdie' 08/20/2019

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