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Exciting News on Books Written by Apostle Mischa Exciting News on Books Written by Apostle Mischa

   Discussion: Exciting News on Books Written by Apostle Mischa

Hello Everyone!

We just would like you to know the good news that the Yuma, Arizona Barnes and Noble Bookstore will be the first to be carrying two of Apostle Mischa's books in-store on their shelves.  We hope other stores will follow.  This is big news and a blessing because while Christian bookstores are closing around the country, Barnes and Noble has continued to remain open and now is probably the largest bookseller in free standing stores in the United States.  They have a good supply of Christian books.  Of course, you can order his books online also wherever books are sold, through our online bookstore at and through Amazon, as well as from our ministry also. The books being carried will be "Escape from Apostasy" and "Escape from Your Past". 

Mischa is now working on his third book entitled, "The Diligence and Responsibilities of the End Time Minister".  We are looking to complete that book and publish it through Amazon hopefully by the end of the year, although it could take longer.


May God bless you!

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