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Mischa Safdie' Ministries -- Yuma, Arizona Mischa Safdie' Ministries -- Yuma, Arizona

Our Ministry, Vision & Purpose Our Ministry, Vision & Purpose



Mischa Safdie Ministries is classified as a legal 508c1a Religious Church/Ministry with a valid registered IRS EIN number and regarded as a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization.  We are NOT incorporated by the State and we legally adhere to all applicable tax laws as individuals but can also still legally operate in a tax exempt status as a church or ministry.  We are thereby exempt from IRC (Internal Revenue Code) 501 (c) (3).  Therefore, we are not what is called a "State run" church or ministry which basically means we are free from potential Federal Government mandates which can be issued by the U.S. Federal Government to many churches.  This can be and is now being done specifically through wording in IRS tax codes that can potentially be used against 501c3 tax exempt non-profit church corporations for the purpose of revoking their tax exempt status if they do not conform to dictated government mandates slipped in through the IRS tax codes to infringe upon freedom of speech and forced compromising of biblical Christian practice and preaching.  One of the great concerns right now is in the area of freedom of speech, issues such as forced recognition of gay ministers in our churches and controversial issues of same sex marriage, speaking out freely on voting issues, candidates, government officials and so forth.   Under the standard 501c3 IRC, all churches holding such status are at risk.  Most do it, however, so they can purchase tax free property under the name of their church or ministry.  Our main purpose in NOT becoming a 501c3 non profit ministerial corporation but instead, with prayer, electing to become a 508c1a non-profit ministerial and tax exempt organization is so that we can practice our Christian faith and minister to others unhindered;as freely as possible without government interference through tax codes using the IRS to do so.  We are able to teach and proclaim biblical principles, teachings and lifestyles without fear of government retribution or restriction using tax codes as a "backdoor threat" to control what churches/ministries can and cannot preach or teach under threat of removing their tax exempt status.  Therefore, we are not confined and restricted to "political correctness" regarding what we publicly preach as a ministry and do not have to compromise our biblical beliefs and expression under such threat as all 501c3 (State run) churches will increasingly experience.  Unlike the increasing government intrusion of all 501c3 churches, we are as free as possible (according to the current Constitution) from government interference as to what we preach, and we are legally able to operate freely as a church and ministry under constitutional law, doing so without the threat many churches are increasingly going through by having their tax exempt status pulled if they preach anything the government does not approve of.  Through this all, by electing to operate under 508c1a status, our ministry is still legally tax exempt.  All contributions to this ministry therefore are tax deductible. 


Mischa Safdie' Ministries is an independent, Holy Spirit filled evangelistic ministry of Christian faith.  We are a Pentecostal ministry.  Although Mischa Safdie' is currently ordained by the Independent Assemblies of God International, as a ministry we are non-denominational and really are best described as "renewed Christians" dedicated to the uncompromising ministry of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, which very much includes and actually is the message of the cross; the sanctification and atonement value of the cross to the Christian; to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to walking with Him without compromise and the void of pressures being exerted upon the Church today by government and special interest groups to be "politically correct".

We preach and minister the Gospel as it is and do not compromise the message and meaning of Holy Scripture in the Bible. We preach and teach the "message of the cross" of Jesus because the two are by necessity inter-related. It is through the cross experience of Jesus Christ that we obtain salvation, atonement, victory and sanctification. It is through and because of the cross of Jesus that we can be indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Anything apart from realizing this and having a revelation of it, as well as walking in it, becomes nothing but a work of the flesh in an effort to please God.  There is no other way but through the cross of Jesus Christ.

We believe in the functioning of New Testament church order and structure pertaining to the 5-fold ministries given as a gift to the Church; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.  We also  believe in the design and function of the original New Testament Church as laid out in the Bible. The Bible, however, is our guide to this and not the precepts of man.

We are officially affiliated with the Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI) and by choice we associate with World Evangelism Fellowship, and its affiliated ministers and churches, as well as other ministries of kindred spirit. 

While we may embrace "scripturally balanced" elements and teachings of other Christian ministries and walk in harmony with them, we do not believe in compromising the Word of God. We believe the Word stands for itself and does not need to be rewritten, added to, subtracted from, changed or nullified as some so-called "churches" sadly do today in order to gain membership. We believe in the infallibility of the Holy Bible.. We are unique in ourselves and strive to walk in a spiritually responsible, scripturally accurate and balanced manner. Our primary purpose is to fulfill "The Great Commission" that Jesus spoke of when he commanded that we "go out into the world and preach the Gospel, make disciples of the nations, along with attesting signs and wonders. In order to do that effectively we believe one must understand, believe, practice and teach the message of the cross of Christ. This is not a new message. In fact, all the great Apostles and many others through the centuries had a knowledge of this message and taught it. However, in these present times it is sad to say that most churches, while acknowledging the importance of the cross experience of Christ for salvation purposes, have little or no true understanding and revelation of Christ's atoning, sanctifying and redemptive power over such things as the sin nature, the healing of the body and so much more through His accomplishment of going to the cross for humanity. This message needs to be preached.

It is important to mention that Apostle Safdie' and his family attend a home church when not ministering elsewhere, independent of his own ministry, where he is recognized as a functioning minister. He and his family believe in the responsibilities, checks and balances, as well as benefits of maintaining fellowship with other ministers who do not compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not charge money or take official offerings to speak in any of the churches we visit as guest speakers in the Southern California area. God has provided for us and has spoken to Apostle Safdie' that we are not to do it. We do, however, accept love offerings but never ask for them and do not expect them. The only time we would request any funds would be to cover travel and hotel expenses if asked to travel out of our local area to speak. We do accept donations to this ministry from anyone willing to do so but do not specifically solicit for donations either by mail or telephone.

Our Mission

The mission of Mischa Safdie' Ministries is quite simply to fulfill the "Great Commission", as instructed by Jesus Himself in Matthew 28:19-20:

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

Our Values

Our values are to walk in honesty and integrity and to live out a true Christian life void of hypocrisy. Someone once said, "A Christian is what you are when no one is looking." This is also our belief. To walk in true Godly love, have integrity, be doctrinally balanced and provide sound biblical teaching that does not result in "religiousness" but rather in a living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is really the key value of this ministry.

Our Doctrine

Simply speaking, Mischa Safdie' Ministries is a Christian ministry that strives for scriptural balance in all that we do. In Romans 12:4-5 the scriptures tell us that the church, as the corporate Body of Christ, not unlike a human body, has many members and yet all do not have the same function. We believe that this scripture clearly defines also how a truly balanced church & ministry should function. While our ministry may emphasize a particular gifting or ministry by the Holy Spirit, we do not function in one area at the exclusion of others but rather, we recognize and accept the diversity expressed in the Body of Christ as a whole as long as we can see that such other ministries function accurately according to Holy Scripture. Rather than rejecting one part of the corporate body because it does not function the same as perhaps our ministry or another part of the same body might, we need to be inclusive and respectful of each body part, understanding that although it may be somewhat different it still makes for the proper and vital functioning of the overall Body of Christ. However, we do believe that for diverse ministries to be true and effective they must line up with the Word of God. For this reason, while Mischa Safdie' Ministries was founded on Pentecostal doctrine, we carefully embrace"scripturally sound" ministries of other Christian movements, if, in fact, they really are scripturally sound and doctrinally correct. In short, as mentioned earlier in these writings, we are "renewed Christians" dedicated to an uncompromising teaching, preaching and lifestyle as given by God through the Holy Bible. In 1 Corinthians 12:20-21 the scriptures read, " But now there are many members, but one body. And the eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of thee: or again the head to the feet, I have no need of you." As Christians we believe that the above scriptures need to be remembered and it should be understood that not every ministry in the Body of Christ has the same function. Yet, it may still be a valid part of the corporate body of Christ and therefore should not be castigated or rejected as long as the teachings are scriptural. Not all Christian ministries will emphasize the same things. We believe, however, there should be balance in all churches and ministries regarding the essentials and fundamentals of sound Christian doctrine with the Word of God, while understanding that each group may, in fact, have a different specialized ministry and function from one another. Nevertheless we are all important members of the same Body. This understanding is an important part of the doctrinal approach to our own ministry and acceptance of the diversity that comes from other ministries within the Body of Christ today. With that position stated, however, we are quick to research and study all things, as the scriptures instruct, and if they in any way do not measure up to the Word of God, sound doctrine or contradict it, then it is rejected.
Our Vision

Our vision is to proclaim the cross of Jesus Christ and in so doing also be Christ's Ambassadors here in the earth. However, we are not of the "Kingdom Now" groups.  We understand that presently the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom that one day will be manifest in the physical realm upon the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. In the Lord's prayer, Jesus says, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." To see the return of Jesus to earth and to live with Him in His presence as He reigns over His Kingdom should be the joy and expectation of every Christian. While we are a part of that Holy Kingdom, again, we are not "dominionists". Yet, at the same time, we believe that in order to be effective as Christ's Body in this life, we must be able to impart the spiritual Kingdom of God and the essence of Jesus Christ the King into the world today. Anything short of that would be ineffectiveness as Christians. We are here on this earth to bring not only a revelation but "the reality" of a walk with Jesus Christ into the world today. While often we see many in the modern Church "talk" about these things, we believe that as "living epistles of Christ" our actions need to back up the words we speak from the pulpit of our churches. There can sometimes be confusion in definition between the dominionist or "Kingdom Now" disciple and what he or she may represent as opposed to those who correctly and simply desire to appropriate and impart the spiritual Kingdom of God that will one day become a physical Kingdom in earth as well as in manner of its existence in heaven. Too many that practice dominionism have seemed to forget that there cannot be a true Kingdom without the King of Kings and Lord of Lords being truly in the center of it with all our adoration and focus on Him. Consequently, they get their focus off of Christ and onto people often in leadership positions instead. We do not create and proclaim our own kingdom, as some do, with the idea that Christ will return to live and reign in it someday. We do not determine "when" Christ will return based on what we do or do not do. But we do believe we are to represent, participate and be a part of His Kingdom while here on this earth. Therefore we believe in Kingdom living which really only exemplifies, mirrors and reflects the manner in which Christ the King says we are to live, testify and represent ourselves and Him while on this earth. We believe that the Lord expects the Church and Christians to be active in this life and not place everything in the afterlife, or else we serve no purpose while on this earth. The Bible says that we are to be "Ambassador's of Christ" while we are living on earth and an Ambassador always represents both the Kingdom and the interests of the King from where he or she is from. Therefore, we must actively be representing Jesus Christ's interests on this earth while we are living here.

Some believe we are to essentially do nothing, be nothing and have nothing in this life and they make the mistake of placing their purpose only in the eternal or afterlife. While we also very much believe in the heavenly rewards of eternal life with Christ after death or upon His return, we stress that we should be active in serving the Lord diligently and responsibly as witnesses here on earth while in this life until either He returns or we meet the Lord in eternity. Jesus said, "My Kingdom is in your midst (or within, according to some translations of the bible)." We must therefore live that way while here on earth. However, we must also always remember that there cannot be a true Kingdom of God on earth or anywhere else without Jesus Christ as King of King and Lord or Lords.

In addition, our vision is one of personal "relationship" with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul's heart cry was, "Oh that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection!" In Matthew, Chapter 7 Jesus explains that on the day we pass from this earth, many will appear before Him and say essentially, "Lord, Lord..did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons and in Your name perform many miracles?" "And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness." You see, what so many both outside and even inside the Church today do not seem to understand is that it is not all about "religion", its not all about what "you" can do for God, but it is about having a living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ...knowing Him and not just knowing "about" Him. He simply wants to know you and wants you to know Him. The Bible says that we are not saved by our own works but by our faith in His grace and the provision of what Jesus accomplished for us through His death and resurrection on the cross at Calvary.

If you are sick and tired of "dead religion" and want a true, living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then know the two following things. First, having such a relationship with the Lord is possible, very real, within your grasp and can happen for you and your loved ones. Second, know that Mischa Safdie' Ministries is committed to that goal of helping you to "know Him" and walk with Him.

Mischa Safdie' Ministries envisions Holy Spirit filled, radical and uncompromising Christian men, women and children of all ethnicities and cultures, on fire for Jesus Christ. When we use the term "radical" we are not talking about physical violence but instead we are stating that we refuse to compromise the Word of God in place of the growing pressures to compromise our faith in order to conform to the "political correctness" of this age and society we are living in today. Jesus asked the question that when He returned, would He find "faith" in the earth? Literally, He was referring to "The Faith"....the true Christian faith. And that is the real question and real battle we are fighting today...."to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints". (Jude 3) We respect the rights of all people to make their own choices as to how they live because God has given each person his or her own free will to do so. But at the same time, He has also provided directives to the human race through His written Word, the Holy Bible. As Christians, God has called us as His ambassadors to witness, share and be representatives of His will for mankind and of salvation through Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. As the "radical" type of Christians I am referring to, we both profess and live an uncompromising Godly lifestyle. That is our goal.  In this day and age that type of conduct defines the term "radical". 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Mischa Safdie' Ministries is to worship, love, honor and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to bring as well as impart a revelation of Him to others. Many professed Christians know Jesus as their Savior but not as their Lord. Certainly Jesus is our Savior and the initial salvation experience is so wonderful because with it we enter into eternal life with Christ and heaven becomes our home. But do we stop with the initial salvation experience or are we "saved" for a purpose? The Bible says that once saved, we are to become Christ's Ambassadors in this earth, meaning that we are to represent His Kingdom and be the light of Christ in this lost world. For that to happen, Jesus must truly be "Lord" over our lives. He must sit on the thrones of our hearts...not ourselves. We must be willing to let Him make the decisions pertaining to our lives. Some only call upon Jesus as a savior from trouble and in a time of need. Certainly Jesus is there for those things. But He must be allowed also to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords in our own lives. Our purpose and desire is to know Him as both Lord and Savior. Our purpose is to become, as the Bible says, "Living epistles of Christ read and known by all men." We desire to become a "Living Word" and testimony of Jesus Christ in the earth today.