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  • WELCOME TO OUR BOOKSTORE!  You can now purchase ESCAPE FROM APOSTASY!  This book was written and published in September 2015 by Reverend Mischa Safdie' and is now availabile for purchase today.  There is no book like it that we have been able to find in any Christian bookstores yet.  Biblical Scripture has warned the Christian Church through prophecy of a coming apostasy or falling away from the true Christian faith and that time is upon  us now!  In a time when so many Christians, including many ministers and their churches are compromising the Truth, abandoning it and falling away from the Faith, Evangelist and Pastor Mischa Safdie' was raised up to be a defender of the cross of Jesus Christ and speak out on these issues. In this book he seeks to identify issues of apostasy in the Church, explain why they occur and he provides the solution to the problem. In the midst of growing deception, ecumenicalism, compromise, false doctrine and abominable practices entering many churches today, God is raising up His own Church and end time remnant of Spirit filled, dedicated, uncompromising Christians that will once again turn the world upside down through mighty moves of the Holy Spirit.  While others in growing deception fill their churches with entertainment, compromise and bring the wrong message...telling  many what they want to hear instead of the truth, you will see that the only true message today for the Church must be found in the finished work of Christ on the cross and our ability through the Holy Spirit to apporpriate it.  Mischa discusses such things as what the Bible says about apostasy and what it really means.  He provides many examples of modern day apostasy, even naming names in some instances.  Also, in the face of many "professed" believers claiming they are "born again" but living contrary lifestyles to what God has directed in His Word, Mischa explains what the "born again experience" and being a Christian really means.  He explains the curse brought upon mankind in the Garden of Eden through the sin of Adam and Eve, how Satan still uses the same tactics to deceive Christians today and how reconciliation back to God could only be obtained through Jesus Christ as a pure and undefiled sacrifice on the cross, through pure and undefiled blood.  This book will bring Bible prophecy to life right before your eyes and renew within you the excitement of this Christian walk and the days we are living in!  In this book Mischa Safdie' brings forth a detailed message that will encourage, strengthen and empower those who really desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and live victoriously. After reading Escape from Apostasy, you will walk away with a somber awareness, Holy Spirit imparted joy and understanding of the times we now live in, what the Bible has to say about them and what we as Christians and those desiring to know the Lord must do.  This book is a "MUST" for every clergyman, layman and to all with a true hunger to know the real Jesus Christ rather than experience dead and legalistic "religion"!

    HOW TO PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM THIS MINISTRY:  "Escape from Apostasy" can be ordered from this ministry directly for $10.50. Please add $5 to cover the cost of tax and shipping within the United States.  For out of country orders, bulk orders for your church or ministry, please contact this ministry directly at (951) 796-3936, by email at or or through notification on this website.  You may also write to us at:

    Mischa Safdie' Ministries, 136 N. Grand Ave., Ste. 278, West Covina, CA 91791. 

    Please make out any personal checks, cashier's checks or money orders to:  Reverend Mischa Safdie'

    HOW TO PURCHASE THIS BOOK ONLINE:  Escape from Apostasy is available worldwide.  It can be purchased through AMAZON.COM here in the U.S.A. or abroad through your country links to AMAZON.  It can be purchased through CREATESPACE. COM website, but you must use the drop down box to move from "site" to their "store" in order to purchase through them.  The book is for sale through these venues at $10.50 excluding tax and shipping.  It can also be purchased through order at your local Christian bookstore and other bookstores.  It is physcially available in some stores but for the most part must be ordered from us directly or Online through the venues I suggested.  Thank you so much and God bless you.