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Evangelist & Pastor Mischa Stuhler-Safdie' is a Jewish born believer in Jesus (Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus), with roots among both Jews in the Middle-East and in Europe.  He currently holds ministerial ordination in good standing with the Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI).  His ministry is considered "Pentecostal - Full Gospel" because although we are not a part of the "Full Gospel" organization per se, we believe that our mandate in this time of such compromise among churches is to preach the the pure biblical Full Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over many years of ministry, Mischa has been directly involved in the planting of several churches.  Evangelist Safdie' currently ministers in churches throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Mischa and his wife, "Lovelie Safdie'" are the founders of Mischa Safdie' Ministries. Today Evangelist Mischa Safdie' functions as a Prophetic Evangelist, combining evangelism, teaching and prophetic ministries as gifts to the Church.

In September 2015 Evangelist Mischa S. Safdie' authored a book entitled, "Escape from Apostasy" which has worldwide distribution, can be ordered directly from this ministry or Online through and other book distributors. He plans to continue writing additional books as directed by the Lord.

Rev. Safdie' has taught college level courses on such subjects as "The Books of the New Testament", "The Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church Today", and "Message of the Cross".  He did this as a guest professor at the accredited Theophany School of Ministry in Corona, California, and has taught in other schools of ministry.  He also formerly hosted his own Christian radio program for two years, known as "Word for Today" on CNN affiliate KPRO 1570 AM in Riverside, California. 

In addition to the above,  Evangelist and Pastor Mischa Safdie' has made two feature appearances on the international Christian television talk show, "Connected", where he was interviewed at length, and he has been taped teaching a series of bible studies to be shown on the Rhema Revelation Network, which is an international cable TV broadcasting network.


Evangelist & Pastor Mischa Stuhler-Safdie’ made his first public confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at age 12 when attending an Oral Roberts Crusade in Dallas, Texas. However, it was actually in a public school in Garland, Texas, when Mischa was only 6 years old, that his first grade teacher sowed the seeds of hunger and interest in the things of the Lord by giving him his first Bible; a King James New Testament pocket Bible to be used for memorization of scripture in an upcoming school Christmas play. Mischa took the little Bible home and while studying it to memorize the scriptures in the book of Luke for the play, he would sleep with it, read it at night and cherish the Word of God in his heart after learning that the words he read in this special book were the inspired words of God Himself. Long after everyone else in the house was asleep Mischa would open his Bible, loving to read with awe the red letters that he was told were the actual words of Jesus. Even before formally accepting the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior, Mischa began to sense that God had called him to do something special one day.

God reveals Himself to people in many ways and as a young boy Mischa had four powerful revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ  that spoke to his heart. His first real revelation of God occurred when, at the age of about 7 years old, he was miraculously saved from certain death after falling from the top of a large willow tree. With nothing but rocks in the creek-bed below, Mischa landed on the very last limb, sitting as if on a swing in perfect balance and with nothing to hold on to but the limb he was sitting on. With the exception of a few minor scratches, he was completely uninjurred and unscathed from the fall. He had fallen over one hundred feet. The second revelation came when Mischa was about 8 or 9 years old. A house in a nearby neighborhood had been completely burned down and nothing was left in the entire house that was not destroyed by the fire except a small New Testament Bible he found among the burnt rubble. The Bible only had the slightest tiny bit of smoke residue on the outer edges of a few pages but otherwise, its pages and covers were perfectly intact and the Bible was in perfect readable condition...a miracle considering the fact that the house was totally destroyed and had literally been burned to the ground. The third revelation came when, at age 13, Mischa was baptized with the Holy Spirit as evidenced with speaking in tongues in a powerful way while attending a Christ Ambassador's youth meeting at the First Assemblies of God Church in Garland, Texas, where he, his mother, brother and a sister were attending. The fourth revelation came only a short time later when Mischa received a vision of the return of the Lord. In the vision he saw details that he later read about in the Bible prior to having ever heard or read about them before. 

Shortly after formally accepting Jesus into his heart at the aforementioned Oral Roberts Crusade, God continued working in Mischa's young life in such a manner as to draw him closer to the Lord.

As time and experiences with the Lord progressed and Mischa witnessed many personal and true miracles in his life and the lives of others, he eventually became aware that the Lord was calling him to future ministry in the Word of God. 

Years later while serving our country in the U.S. Army and in an Intelligence related capacity, Mischa also served the Lord, after attending an off-post bible study and during prayer receiving a miraculous healing and deliverance with physical manifestations. The occurrence was so stunning and real to Mischa that he then really received his first adult revelation of the Lord and followed with a commitment to serve Him. In 1974 to the winter of 1975 Mischa served as both a military Chaplain’s Assistant and as the Assistant Pastor of the Patton Barracks Church of God in Christ, located in Heidelberg, Germany, while also working in the intelligence community. 

In 1975, Mischa was honorably discharged from active military duty as a Vietnam veteran, where he served under his legally adopted former name of Michael U. Stuhler. Years later he legally changed his name back to his original birth name of Mischa Stuhler-Safdie', inserting "Stuhler" into the last name as "Mischa Stuhler-Safdie" out of respect for a wonderful stepfather who had adopted him, treated him as his own son, raised him to learn the difference between right and wrong and who greatly encouraged his present ability to play musical instruments and as a result, subsequently minister in music. After leaving military service, Mischa moved to Southern California and became involved in Christian ministry in the Los Angeles area for several years. He also worked in the investigative industry where he became a well-known Private Investigator and eventually opened his own investigative agency, which he still operates at the writing of this biography.

At times, during periods of spiritual development and growth, Mischa faced the personal challenges and choices many called to ministry do as Jesus Christ began to establish His true Lordship in Mischa's life. It was not always an easy path for him. He learned many hard lessons of life by experience and also discovered quite early the sad reality that not everyone who carries a Bible and claims to be a "Christian" really is one. However, such experiences became so deeply significant to him, that over the years he became more determined than ever to speak only the true Word of God and that his life would also be reflective of those words and teachings. His desire was to live a Christ-like life through the power of the cross, the redeeming blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. During this time of growth and development, Mischa attended church services, ministered as a guest speaker at church events occasionally, conducted in-home Bible studies and spent time speaking as an investigation civil and criminal expert to audiences in high schools, colleges and universities. He also continued his own education in the judicial field while in addition periodically attended various Bible schools and colleges throughout the United States and Europe in order to pursue his interests in biblical studies.

In 1991 Mischa received lifetime ordination into Christian ministry with the Full Gospel organization of “Motivation Unlimited, Inc.”, which no longer exists but was formerly a ministry dealing in recovery and healing for those involved in various abuse situations such a drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and particularly occult practices.

From the periods of about 2003 through 2006, after going through several years of personal devastation, illness and life changing events, Mischa's transformation and experiences rekindled an urgency in his heart to fulfill his original calling in Christ. A radical transformation in his heart as a true bond-servant of the Lord was renewed to do a job that much of the Church today has either walked away from or missed entirely in going back to the fundamentals of the Bible and cross of Jesus, and then ministering a true and powerful Word from God without compromise. Rather than empty "religion" or "social club-new cart Christianity" that lacked reality or the true power of God, he sought to bring the book of Acts and reality of God back to the Church and also to the unbelieving world with the emphasis that one still could and should have a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ...not just "dead religion".

Today Evangelist Mischa Safdie' is one of many progenitors of a new day...a day of a revolution from the streets to the pulpit against an ungody society and largely apostate and impotent Church, filled with political correctness, hypocrisy, compromise, false, dead and empty religion.

Mischa's decision to move forward in the call of God, coupled with a powerful speaking and writing anointing of the Holy Spirit began to lay the foundation for the formation of Mischa Safdie' Ministries and the Full Gospel ministry it has become today. Mischa used his writing skills, shortly thereafter beginning an Internet ministry with the sole purpose of ministering to others that involved authoring and then emailing his own Christian articles. That email ministry grew substantially over the years and soon had a international following, as his articles were distributed and read worldwide. Over time Mischa transferred his articles and sermon notes to the websites of other ministries he was involved with and eventually to this...his own ministry website, where they are now read and used increasingly in ministry and evangelism throughout the world. As stated in the above summary, in 2015 he wrote a book with international distribution entitled, "Escape from Apostasy".

In July 2007 the Lord called Mischa Safdie’ into a former ministry position as Assistant Pastor of Church of the Living God-Perris, located in Perris, California where he served faithfully in that position. Two years later, in July 2009, Pastor Mischa Safdie' assumed ministerial duties as the Senior Pastor of that church and shortly thereafter instituted a name change for the church to Gateway of Refuge Church of the Living God.  While with Church of the Living God, Pastor Safdie' was the primary co-founder of Church of the Living God International Ministries, and assisted in oversight duties, as directed, with reference to other established churches under Church of the Living God International Ministries.

In addition to the above, Pastor Safdie' hosted his own Christian weekly radio program, "Word for Today" on CNN affiliate KPRO 1570 AM in Riverside, California for approximately two years until deciding to discontinue the broadcasts for a season in order to concentrate more on the manuscripts for books he was and still is writing. 

Over time it became increasing clear that Mischa was being called not just to minister in one local church but to many churches in many places and to many people throughout the world. He was called to both evangelize and bring important messages as well as impart new and renewed vision to both saved and unsaved people of all walks of life and ethnicity, as well as church pastors, staff and members internationally.

In March 2010, Pastor Safdie', after prayer and consulting with other well known and established ministries resigned his position as the Senior Pastor of Gateway of Refuge Church of the Living God and surrendered credentials with Church of the Living God International Ministries in order to pursue a new direction and course of evangelistic ministry the Lord had led he and his wife into.

After being sponsored by other reputable ministers, Reverend Mischa Safdie' was officially ordained as a minister by the Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI) and is currently affiliated with the IAOGI while also subsequently obtaining a second concurrent and now former ministerial ordination from June of 2014  through December 2015 with World Evangelism Fellowship of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He chose not to renew ordination with WEF because there was little need to maintain two ordinations with organizations that maintain essentially the same statements of faith.

In 2010, shortly after resigning his position with Church of the Living God International Ministries, Mischa was standing outside of a Salvation Army Church located in Cathedral City, California where he had just finished ministering to one of their administrative staff members. While standing in the parking lot the Lord gave him a vision of a nearby church, showing the pastor and a full church. During the vision, Mischa stated, "I wish I could pastor a church like that." The Lord responded, "No you don't. That congregation that you see no longer belongs to Me. It belongs to that Pastor who is full of pride and exalts himself above Me. " Then the Lord spoke and said, "Son, I am calling you into ministry as an evangelist, but it is not primarily to evangelize in the streets, but instead I am sending you back into the Church. The Church needs to be evangelized because many of My people have gone astray. They have listened to false teachers and ministers and they have given in to false doctrine. I want to reclaim My Church." So from that time Mischa has moved forward to fulfill God's directives, rebuild the walls and the Lord has supernaturally opened doors where today he not only speaks in many churches on a regular basis to impart and share the correct and uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ in conjunction with the working of the Holy Spirit, but he also speaks in a manner so as to provide support and lift up pastors and congregations alike in many churches that have held fast to doctrinally correct teaching.  Additionally he has also taught groups of ministers on such topics as "What the Bible Says to the Minister".

In obedience to the call of God, on June 13th, 2010, through his ordination and affiliation with the Independent Assemblies of God International (IAOGI), Evangelist Mischa Safdie' and his wife, "Lovelie Safdie'", founded Mischa Safdie' Ministries. The primary vision of this ministry is the purpose of evangelizing and working to preach the true, complete and "Full Gospel" of Jesus Christ and to fulfill "The Great Commission" given by Jesus to "go out into all the world, preach the Gospel and make disciples of the nations", along with attesting signs, wonders and miracles Jesus said would follow such a ministry. The Lord called Evangelist Safdie' to bring a true revelation of the word of the cross of Jesus Christ and it's significance, noting that although many ministers and church-goers freely refer to the "cross" in terminology related to salvation, which is a good thing,  fewer and fewer seem to understand the true meaning of the cross, the provisions of Christ on the cross through atonement for deliverance from sin, breaking of bondages and healing of the body and mind.  Our sanctification and atonment comes through the cross.  Mischa seeks to minister about it's power and importance in the life of the true Christian today.  In short, a great apostasy or falling away from the faith, as prophesied in holy scripture is taking place today and more than ever before, the entire world, including much of the Church needs to hear and return to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, with the above being written, it must also be noted that over time Mischa's revelation of the word of the cross teachings evolved to understand that it is not enough for the Church to simply preach the "Message of the Cross" as doctrine without also having the balance to teach the importance of entering into a living, practical experience and relationship with the Man Jesus who died upon that cross spoken of, and was resurrected. The message of the cross coupled with appropriation of what Christ did on the cross through atonement by faith must also be taught. In speaking in many places, Brother Mischa found that much of the Church today also needs to understand and experience Christian living and values.  Mischa became discouraged to find that some who were preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ sadly were not living it themselves and entering into true relationship with Jesus Christ, even though the message was correct.  Instead some were  becoming enveloped in ultra legalism or pharasiac teaching and behavior to the extent that scriptural experiences with God, moving of the Holy Spirit, recongnition and understanding of the functioning  five-fold ministry in the modern day Church today was being discouraged and even frowned upon....often by some who professed verbally to believe in these things but then could not accept it when presented to them because of a lack of true belief and faith.  Therefore Evangelist Safdie' saw the need to help bring both correct biblical doctrine consisting of the full and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit together in his ministry. This need in the Church today has become the cry of our hearts at Mischa Safdie' Ministries. Given this vision, the Lord has moved in miraculous ways to open doors at churches for Rev. Safdie' to speak to clergy and members alike.  In addition to speaking on topics pertaining to proper ministry and conduct, he has spoken at great lengths on subjects that deal with laying proper foundations for the Church. He also has taught often in the area of biblical prophecy to educate pastors and ministers on the subject and also stimulate church growth in many churches. He teaches detailed and indepth series often on the Book of Revelation, Ezekiel and Daniel in churches enabling ministers and congregations alike to understand the mysteries of these books and corresponding end-time prophetic events.

Today, Bro. Safdie' has already been used by the Lord in the planting of several churches and in ministry to their staffs. Some of these churches began in the home and now have their own buildings.

Mischa continues to work as a State of California, professional licensed Investigator, taking his message from the Lord both to clients in need of help and into the judicial field where he has obtained high professional recognition in both major news publications and magazines throughout the United States and has appeared on such television networks as ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.

Evangelist and Pastor Mischa Safdie' is intermittently attending Southwest Bible College and other Christian scholastic institutions when available to do so, where he is taking continued credit courses towards various ministerial degrees. He also intermittently teaches college accredited courses as a guest professor at Theophany School of Ministry in Corona, CA and as a guest speaker and teacher at The Father's House School of Ministry in Palm Springs, California.

There is a saying that "no man is an island unto himself" and because of this Mischa has always been a strong believer that every minister should have a home church apart from his own ministry for purposes of spiritual safety, counseling and as a place to also be fed and refreshed with the Word of God through others in the Body of Christ as needed.  With this in mind, Evangelist Mischa Safdie' and his family attend a home church apart from their own ministry and ministerial duties as they are able and while Mischa has chosen not to be on staff in that particular church, he is recognized there as an ordained minister and evangelist.

Evangelist Mischa Safdie' maintains personal, ministry and business addresses in the Southwestern United States. He is married to Lovelie Abad Safdie' (maiden name Tapalla) from Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. She is an evangelist, accomplished musician, teacher and the co-founder of Mischa Safdie' Ministries. Brother Safdie' has one adult daughter, "Michelle" who has a teaching degree and is involved in ministry and also a second daughter, "Soshi" who still lives at home and is growing into a powerful servant and witness for Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this biography, learn more about our ministry and we pray the Lord blesses you in all of your future endeavors.